Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you write your books?

We wrote our trilogy of books to help people work through the missing steps in transitioning from ego unconsciousness (where most people are) to a deeper spiritual consciousness. These steps include understanding what ego is, getting to know your ego, transforming and bringing into full health your specific ego energy (in whatever areas it needs to occur), coming to a better understanding of God, and having a relationship with God unencumbered by the distance, distortion, disturbance and destructiveness often wrought by an unconscious, imbalanced ego.

What is different and better about your books?

  • We provide a far deeper, comprehensive yet concrete discussion of ego and ego energy that is more individualized. This is all expounded upon in the many ego related concepts presented in our books.
  • We present a more balanced view of ego in which we recognize its negative influence upon our lives and spiritual development, and also it’s potential to be a positive force in these areas.
  • We present a synergistic approach to ego and spirituality rather than the polarized good (spirituality) versus evil (ego) approach that is often implied—if not directly indicated—by many spiritual writers, including Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and David Hawkins. While we recognize the brilliant work of these authors, our primary difference in speaking about spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness involves how we view the ego and its role in the process of awakening.
  • We suggest that it’s perfectly okay to embrace your ego (humanity) rather than to disown, dissolve or defeat it. What is being disowned, dissolved and defeated is one’s unhealthy, imbalanced ego energy.
  • We present a healing method (ego medicine) for your ego energy, which consists of developing ego awareness and ego-related reality based thinking in conjunction with the ego imbalance you may be living; meaning, issues of power, flexibility or vulnerability that are impacting your ego energy.
  • We challenge the approach that suggests that spiritual awakening alone fosters spiritual transcendence and brings us closer to God.
  • We help you to transform your egoic energy from unhealthiness to healthiness and to know you do not have to disown, dissolve or defeat ego to awaken spiritually.
  • We help you to develop a healthy, in-balance ego energy which helps you to better know yourself, know “what” God Is and embrace the Four Great Gifts that you have been given in this life.
  • We put forth recognition of a consciousness—EgoSpiritualism—that represents a synergy of the best of your humanity with your Divinity.

How can your books help me to transform my ego, move forward in daily life—in particular, the ten key life areas you refer to?

  • We illuminate what ego is and offer information to help you work on finding your ego energy.
  • We identify the kinds of absent ego awareness and non-reality based thinking that people with different ego imbalances often use in their efforts to cope with the ten key life areas.
  • We identify the ego medicine—meaning, reality based thinking and ego awareness that you can learn to live in the ten key life areas.

How can your books help me awaken spiritually, move forward along my life path, and transcend into a deeper spiritual consciousness?

  • We help you work on transforming your ego rather than attempting the difficult (if not impossible) task of dissolving, disowning or defeating it.
  • We help you to experience a quieter egoic voice, which will permit you to hear the voice of your Spirit and even amplify it.
  • We help you to progressively come to know what God Is, the Four Great Gifts you have been given and recognize the illusions, which have been at work to disconnect you from your spirituality and Divinity.

What is ego and why is it so important?

    • It is the core essence of your humanity.
    • It is the conduit through which your life is flowing.
    • It is the foundation of your personality.
    • It gives shape to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors you frequently use in coping with the ten key life areas.
    • It is the center of your psychological universe.
    • It works through the workshop of your mind to forge what becomes your self.

What do you mean by ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance?

  • “Ego unconsciousness” refers to the lack of awareness of what ego is, how it is specifically impacting your life and the nature of your specific egoic energy.
  • “Ego imbalance” refers to the distance that one’s ego power, ego flexibility, and ego vulnerability is from the balance level.

How can I know how ego unconscious and ego imbalanced I am?

    • You learn what ego is.
    • You come to understand what ego power, ego flexibility, and ego vulnerability are about.
    • You begin to understand the non-reality based thinking you have been using as reflected in the mirrors of the ten key life areas linked to your ego power, flexibility and vulnerability. These areas are: How you deal with people in work and social settings, your approach to close relationships, your ability to love yourself; your ability to achieve to your potential, “grow” your mind, deal with change, manage adversity, deal with stress, and manage conflict; finally the emotion you typically experience be it anxiety, anger, depression, pseudo-happiness, or genuine happiness.

How does ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance impact my daily life?

  • It depends upon the power, flexibility and vulnerability of your ego energy. They impact the approach and response you have to the ten key life areas.
  • Some people have milder/minor issues in dealing with life because their egoic energy is closer to being in balance. Some people have major issues in dealing with life because their ego power, flexibility or vulnerability is significantly imbalanced. The roles discussed in The Two Voices Within are reflective of individuals with significant ego energy imbalance.

How does ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance impact my spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness?

    • It can distort or disturb your efforts to spiritually awaken. The voice of your unconscious and imbalanced ego can drown out the voice of Spirit within you.
    • It can weaken or block the awareness that God Is the Love within all beings, the Life force within all beings, the Energy within all things, and the God within your being. It can weaken or prevent you from coming to know your Four Great Gifts: Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within you.
    • It can contribute to various illusions that you buy into such as: separation, unworthiness, sensing all energy, egoic control, inequality and disorder, which are discussed in EgoSpiritualism.

What is ego medicine?

    • Developing an understanding of what ego is.
    • Tuning in to the nature of your specific ego energy regarding its power, flexibility and vulnerability.
    • Using reality based thinking to replace the non-reality based thinking you have been using in working with the ten key life areas if your ego energy is imbalanced.

Why is ego medicine empowering?

  • It helps you to get closer to human truth and Divine Truth.
  • Egoic issues of power, flexibility and vulnerability no longer keep you in darkness and you are able to live in the light of human truth and Divine Truth.
  • Light and truth/Truth will help you to see everything you need to see.
  • This is incredibly empowering and freeing.

Why is ego medicine so difficult to take?

  • Ego is a very powerful force in your life. It operates in darkness (unconsciousness) and makes it difficult to see the “light.”
  • Ego can entrench you in a faulty way of finding “light” (often meant to help you with daily and mortal survival) that is misguided by power, flexibility or vulnerability issues.
  • You can get caught up in looking around at your life rather than within yourself for the “answers” you are seeking.

Does everyone take the same ego medicine?

No. Each person’s ego energy is unique regarding its content and structure. You take the ego medicine that is specific to your egoic imbalance—be it power, flexibility or vulnerability related.

What do you mean by EgoSpiritualism?

EgoSpiritualism is a term that we developed and began to use in 2008. It is rooted in the belief shaped by our professional and personal experiences that we all have the potential to experience a healthy and in-balance ego that complements our Divinity. EgoSpiritualism is a consciousness that reflects a merging and synergy of our humanity and Divinity rather than a polarization of them. Our healthy, in balance yet imperfect ego is always working in concert with our perfect Divine self.

This consciousness involves not only a spiritual awakening but also an egoic awakening. This involves transitioning from ego unconscious to ego consciousness by coming to better know what ego is, finding one’s specific ego energy and bringing it into balance, where needed, in regards to its power, flexibility and or vulnerability. It is also reflected in:

  • Knowing and living the awareness that God Is—Love, Life, Energy and You.
  • Knowing and living the “Four Great Gifts” you have been given:

The Gift of Life
The Gift of Creating Life
The Gift of Eternal Life
The Gift of God Within

  • Living in peace with yourself, the people in your life and the world, rather than the often seen conflict and anger that takes place among families, friends and even strangers that is rooted in unconscious, egoic issues.
  • Being completely motivated by love in dealing with life rather than consumed by various degrees of fear, anger, anxiety or guilt originating from an unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Knowing and living the Love God Is, rather than the illusion of separateness that the unconscious, imbalanced ego can lead us to believe.
  • Fully respecting your mind and body rather than disrespecting them in ways rooted in the unconscious, imbalanced ego, which often stresses physical pleasure and pseudo-happiness that distance you from genuine happiness.
  • Working with passion to fulfill your life’s purpose, taking advantage of all your potential, rather than being blocked or sidetracked by the workings of the unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Enjoying the power of not wanting things that you don’t truly need rather than the packaged “wants” often sold to you by a commercial industry that taps into your unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Being free from inappropriate expectations of yourself and from others, many of which are put upon you by an unconscious, imbalanced ego that is out of touch with who you truly are.
  • Experiencing a morality guided by healthiness, motivated by love and rooted in your Truth, rather than the fear or guilt often fostered by unconscious, imbalanced ego energy.
  • Knowing that you don’t have to be anyone else but you, anywhere else but here, and anytime else but now.

What makes your vision and particular message about ego and spirit revolutionary?

  • We are saying our ego/humanity and spirituality must be synergized not polarized.
  • We are saying that ego can be transformed rather than being viewed as an entity that can only be disowned, dissolved or defeated.
  • We are imparting that it is okay to embrace your ego.
  • We are presenting a more balanced view of ego.
  • We are providing a more comprehensive view of ego.
  • We are challenging the traditional approach that spiritual awakening alone fosters spiritual transcendence.
  • We are putting forth recognition of a consciousness that represents a synergy of the best of our humanity with our Divinity.

What makes it evolutionary?

We are saying that in order to evolve individually and collectively, we must harness the positive energy existent within our humanity along with that in our Divinity. A vision and message that rests solely upon our spirituality and Divinity has not and cannot bring about the evolution needed for world peace.

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