How’s Your Life?

How would you rate your life?

Would you say that your life is Poor, Fair, Good or Great? Before answering, think about your ability to:
Interact with People
Form Close Relationships
Love Yourself
Achieve Your Potential and Know Your Life’s Purpose
Grow Your Mind
Work with Change
Manage Adversity
Experience Happiness
Cope with Stressors and Stress
Deal with Conflict

If your answer is anything other than Great, you are settling for less of what life has to offer.

Why is your life less than optimal? Essentially, it’s because your ego energy and Divine energy are not working in harmony.

Imbalanced ego energy can undermine your human self and access to your Divine Self. You probably don’t know this or what to do about it.

You’ve come to the right place. Through the information on this website, as well as our trilogy of books—Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism, and The Two Voices Within—and our workshop, “Merging the Energies of Ego and Spirit for a Better Life and You”, we seek to help you change that.

You are meant to live a Great life . . . and nothing less!

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