Our True Essence

Our true essence

Our True Essence:

We are all Spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth. However, many of us tend to think and believe that we are simply just physical beings, and live through the physical process of life on Earth trying to accomplish our list of chores and responsibilities. However, these obligations we decide are so important for us to accomplish, are merely distractions that keep us from connecting to our true essence. This true essence exists within each living being, but unfortunately, the human species seems to have the hardest time making this connection. If we think about the other species on our planet, they are perfectly comfortable being who they are, unless we humans get in their way.

Awakening to our true essence will allow us the opportunity to awaken to our inner gifts, which are our spiritual gifts from God. Listening to our heart’s desire will assist us in this awakening. Our heart and soul will call us to be who we were created to be. If we trust this calling, we will be able to live a life of harmony, joy, and abundance.



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