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The Two Voices Within: The Energies of Ego and Spirit

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Ego and Spirit both speak profoundly within our lives. Can you hear what they are saying to you?

These “two voices” are the main energies that rise up and give shape to our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical health. As we go about meeting life’s challenges—such as change, adversity, stressors, conflicts, relationships, self-esteem, achievement and our ability to experience genuine happiness—the voice of an unconscious, imbalanced ego is unfortunately the one we more often hear and heed, leading us into a lesser version of ourselves.

The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life invites you to hear more clearly what both of these two voices are saying so that you can speak with more of your true voice and recognize the One Voice of the Universe. This awakening will enable you to be the best version of yourself and optimally meet life’s challenges.

By: Nickolas Martin and Linda Martin

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