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Coronavirus—What Your Ego Needs from You

Coronavirus—What Your Ego Needs from You

The Coronavirus has triggered the setting off of an alarm by your ego whose sole purpose is to protect you and ensure your survival—both daily and mortal. In response to this alarm, people form anxiety, fear, and stress related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which differ from person to person. Many are able to keep an even keel, draw upon experiences in dealing with previous challenges, maintain perspective despite the ambiguity of the crisis and when it will pass, and not be consumed with anxiety, fear, and stress symptoms. You are also able to temper your response to the alarm because your ego energy is healthy and balanced within its power, flexibility, and vulnerability. As daunting a challenge as the Coronavirus is, it has not weakened your sense of empowerment, weakened your ability to seek and work with the truth you need to know—good or bad, or weakened your ability to maintain a reality based, truth connected sense of your vulnerability. You will be called to service for those I am about to describe, by being the Love, Light, and Energy—God Is, in your service to them.

For many and particularly those who are more vulnerable due to their medical, financial, and work related circumstances the alarm is likely to be fostering more intense anxiety, fear, and stress symptoms. Part of this is due to the significant challenge that Coronavirus poses to your health and financial “safety.” And part of this is due to the nature of your ego energy and it’s response to the alarm. The first part is presently being addressed by the work of our scientific, medical, business, and leadership communities who will find the answers we need to defeat the Coronavirus. Their collective brilliance will make this happen, similar to the brilliance which was brought to bear in managing previous major existential threats such as the Great Depression and the menace of Hitler’s Third Reich.

The second part is your part and involves your anxiety, fear, and stress connected to the Coronavirus. There is something you need to know about ego and something your ego needs from you—that only you can give it! You need to know that even though your ego has a purpose—to keep you safe, protected, and alive—it has no awareness of that purpose or the alarm signal it’s sending to you. It doesn’t have the ability to tone it down or turn it off. Because it doesn’t have a brain, intellect, and mind to work with in order to do any of that. But you do, and you can give to your ego what it needs, as described in the following paragraphs, to meet the power, flexibility, and vulnerability needs in your ego energy, that are making this a particularly difficult time for you.

In regards to your ego power, it is likely that you have “forgotten” at least temporarily, the many, many things which are important and remain fully within your control. Things which are reflective of the significant empowerment that remains in your life. They may not all be what you want, like going to work on site, meeting up with friends, or going to sporting events. But, a lot of them are what you need. Simple, no cost, but important things like spending time with family and friends while using social distancing involving texting, calling, and skyping, exercising indoors or outdoors, playing with your animal friends, going for a ride in your car, going to a park, taking a walk in a forest, listening to great music, reading great literature, watching great TV programs, and so many, many more. Reminding yourself of them and doing them will tighten the connection to your empowerment and “tell” your ego that you’re not as disempowered as the Coronavirus and ego’s alarm has led you to think you are.

In regards to your ego flexibility, it is likely that you have gained some distance from truth and reality. That can happen when we are flooded by fear and anxiety. It can also happen when the people we rely upon for giving us the truth are failing to do so. This requires us to seek out the real truth tellers who are motivated by relevant experience and a genuine need to offer service unto us by giving us the truth—good or bad—that we need to know. We were designed by God via the wisdom of the ages and evolution to work best with truth and understanding. It doesn’t have to be positive—just real—so we can work better with what’s what. And, to use it as the guiding light for our healing and transformation. So, feed your ego energy as much truth and understanding about the Coronavirus as you can get from resources and people who are not compromised by a lack of experience or agendas in their service to us. And gain distance from those who want to tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, as this false reassurance can only be a disservice to you.

In regards to your ego vulnerability, it is likely that you have mixed genuine health, work, and financially related concerns, we all share, with some magnification of them. This magnification is the result of fear and anxiety which often has a distorting and enlarging impact on the concerns we have. This is a time for our leaders to be true leaders and do what is necessary to address each of those concerns. That appears to be happening and you should remind yourself of that, so that message penetrates into your ego vulnerability to lessen it. But, you are the one who can “tell” your ego that you are less vulnerable than it is leading you to believe you are. You can do this by using the guidance of the truth tellers in the scientific and medical communities regarding social distancing and using appropriate, diligent hygienic practices, to reduce the likelihood of getting the Coronavirus. And by getting hard, factual information regarding strategies being developed by business and government to alleviate your financial and employment situation.

Also, remind yourself that we are each our brother’s and sister’s keepers, and you are surrounded by the Divinity in all of them, which will speak to your health, financial, and work-related concerns, as we walk this journey together—not alone. Each one of us is endowed with the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is. It is a common thread across all of us and the making of our Oneness and Unity. You are already seeing it come forth in the numerous stories of service that people are offering to each other, with many more to come. Coronavirus is no match for our Divinity and its reflection in our thoughts, words, and deeds for each other.

Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” As we embrace wisdom, belief, light, and hope brought forth by the best of our humanity melded to our Divinity shining forth collectively, it will be ‘the best of times’.

Stay safe and be well.

In peace and love,


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