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What’s Your Energy?

What’s Your Energy?: Many years ago—the 1960’s to be exact—a question people may have been asked was, “What’s your sign?” Some used it as a conversation starter and others used it as a pick-up line at a bar. The answer connected to the question—one’s zodiac sign—was linked to some indication of an individual’s personality and whether it was compatible with that of the person asking the question. Most of the time the question had a light-weight quality as most people believed, and correctly so, that personality and compatibility have far more numerous influences beyond zodiac signs for particular persons.

That being said, we don’t believe the question was completely without merit. The workings of the universe at-large should not be completely dismissed if you believe in the ultimate Oneness and Unity that resonates within spirituality and being connected to all things. Our question is in some respects an echo of the earlier question, but with some important tweaks. It focuses on an inside influence upon who you are being and your connection to the universe. More specifically, what is the nature of your human or egoic energy and whether it is in balance (opening up your connection to the universe) or imbalanced in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability (serving to block this connection). The answer to the question can be found in the roles you and others may be living and which can have a profound impact upon your life within the confines of relationships, ability to love yourself in healthy ways, and your ability to recognize and live genuine happiness, to name just a few. An impact which also affects being the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is within your daily life.

Are you or someone you know a Narcissist, Dictator, Control Freak, Depressive, Martyr or Dependent (reflective of ego power energy imbalance)? Are you or someone you know an Authoritarian, Racist, Sexist, Religious Extremist, Paranoid, Cultist or Puppet (reflective of ego flexibility energy issues)? Are you or someone you know a Perfectionist, High-Maintenance Partner, Over-Achiever, Stressed-Out Person, Sociopath, Hedonist or Loner (reflective of ego vulnerability energy issues? These are just some of the roles we can be living, which are rooted in our human/ego energy. When we are oblivious to this energy and it is imbalanced, getting an answer to the question—What’s Your Energy?—becomes extremely important. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, failure to do so resigns us to living a lesser version of ourselves, becoming intensely human, and disconnected from our spirituality.

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

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