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Earth—God’s Only Destination for Us

Earth—God’s Only Destination for Us

Earth—God’s Only Destination for Us

I want to offer thanks to those who work in the aerospace industry—past, present, and future. Since the beginning of our entry into exploring the cosmos, you have been incredible servants. A service that has brought forth many advances which are being used on planet Earth to better the lives of its inhabitants. Also, your efforts to explore the cosmos are part of the journey to further witness God’s majesty and the life existent in different realms. We will have you to thank when one day we make contact with that life and the birth of an interstellar community is brought forth. We are not alone. We have never been alone. God is too great for it to be otherwise.

But, there is one area of concern that is truly a matter of life and death—ours and Earth’s—that involves the aerospace industry. During the past several years there have been fascinating stories about space technology and travel that ultimately have the goal of inhabiting another planet. Some of the justification for this involving the progressive destruction of our planet via greenhouse gases that are a byproduct of industries that exploit Earth for business, financial, and political gain. A destruction laying the groundwork for “why” we earthlings will need to relocate to another place, such as Mars. I will readily admit to ignorance about all of the details of this “plan.” But, in spite of that, it strikes me as a rather ill-conceived plan. It took millions upon millions of years of this planet’s evolution and three million years of humankind’s evolution for this wonderful, beautiful earth, that was given to us by God, within the wisdom of the ages and evolution to be our home. The Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, that made it hospitable for us to enjoy and celebrate its nature and the opportunities we have to commune with it, using our senses and mind.

It seems incredibly arrogant, even with the brilliance of our science and scientists, to create technology that we can use to meet the intense evolutional demands of adapting to live in such an inhospitable environment, such as Mars. Dare I say, that one of the demands will involve our ceasing to be humans, as we know them, in order to attempt this “relocation.” To fashion a version of ourselves, intended to accelerate our ability to live in a very foreign and inhospitable environment. That is, to accelerate our evolution in ways that are out of alignment with our humanity and lead to the loss of it. Or, to transform Mars into a more hospitable environment. Even within a few 100,000 yrs. which is a blip on the time frame upon which evolution unfolds.

Earth is the place we are meant to be. A place with so much more potential to be the home we need it to be, in order to not just survive, but thrive and live into the near and distant future. Our free will is so much more about taking care of this home, than it is about finding a new one. If we fail in that undertaking, that will be the end of humanity. We are no more entitled to go on as a species, than any other life existent within the universe. If we fail to honor and protect the home we have been given. Earth is our only destination because that is what has been given to us by God, for the purpose of our existence.  If we fail, it will not be the end of God or life that exists in other places. It has, is, and will continue to go on, just without us.

Earth was, is, and will be the only home for the form of life known as humankind, and all of its other living inhabitants. Those will never exist in another place beyond earth. This is where the sunrises begin and end. The waves ebb and flow. The birds chirp, coo, and caw. The flowers bloom and emit their fragrance. And on and on and on. The harmony of nature within our planet. All of that will never be known again if we allow earth to slowly, but ultimately die. Their presence and ours coming forth from evolution were meant for this place. We must abandon the illusion that there is an alternative. There is none. Earth is what we have been given. And it is our choice as to whether we will keep it.

Earth has been, is, and will be our only destination as it is within God’s plan. To think relocation is an option, gives some—the environmental terrorists—an out with which to exploit and abuse it. We must not let those with unhealthy ego energy, be it power, flexibility, or vulnerability related, rape and exploit the planet for their own near term, narrow and self-serving wants—not needs. To render a gift in which the air is unbreathable, the water is undrinkable, and the heat is unbearable. This is the gift from evolution we have been given and we are charged with acting as its stewards. We can either do that or the gift will be gone and so will we. We have been endowed with the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, to undertake that stewardship. The task of our stewardship includes dealing with those who would seek to dishonor and abuse our earthly home. The God within our being—the Love, Life, and Energy—must be brought to bear in this effort. God from without will not come forth to deal with those earthly environmental rapists and exploiters. If that were so, would things have gotten so dire as to threaten the existence of this wonderful, beautiful planet, with it being endangered and uninhabitable within the next 100 to 200 yrs. It is within our hearts, minds, and hands, to keep what was intended for us by God—Earth.

In peace and love,

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