The Misunderstood Ego and You

Misunderstood Ego

The Misunderstood Ego and You:

We have read many works in which the topic of ego has come forth. Particularly, those representations of ego put forth by more prominent and less prominent writers within the “spiritual”, “self-improvement”, and “New Age” genres. There are several common themes which though well-intended only serve to create distance from knowing ego and consequently ourselves. These include descriptions of ego suggesting it has an intentional quality, an intellectual quality, an awareness of what it is doing in your life, and an awareness of “God” in which it seeks to act in direct opposition.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, ego is none of these. Ego does not have an intentional quality and does not impact us with volition. Though it is an energy which can bring suffering into our lives as the energy becomes imbalanced. Ego does not have an intellectual quality and has no awareness of itself, though you can develop an awareness of this energy. Ego has no awareness of any suffering (mental, emotional, behavioral, or physical) it has led you into within your life as its primary purpose is to ensure your survival, daily and mortal. Ego has no awareness of God or the Divine Energy within you. It operates as if there is only ego and you. Hence, its incredible and intensive “efforts” to ensure your survival. It is up to you to “teach” ego that there is more which comes about when you employmental medicine involving greater ego awareness and ego related reality based thinking. This brings you closer to human truth as well as the Divine Truth that God Is- Love, Life, Energy, and You. This is the means to which your ego can heal where needed in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability and “relinquish” its intense purpose to ensure your survival.

Recently, we completed reading I Can See Clearly Now by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Dr. Dyer has been a great servant to humanity. He has written, spoken, and traveled tirelessly in an effort to raise the spiritual consciousness of people across the world. His book The Power of Intention is an incredibly brilliant work on spiritual consciousness and the one we would most highly recommend to those seeking to raise their spiritual consciousness. However, we were struck by the frequent references to “taming” ego within his most current book. From the perspective ofEgo, Spirit & You we can never tame ego, we can only work to heal it. Some might suggest that using the word tame rather than heal is only a matter of semantics. We disagree. The taming of ego implies all of the misunderstandings about ego we mentioned earlier. We can only heal the ego when we understand its true nature. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You we must awaken both humanly and spiritually.

So what do you think? Do we tame ego or do we heal it?



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