The “Right” Energy

The right energy

The “Right” Energy:

During the past six months the word energy has made its appearance in the political rhetoric in regards to presidential candidates. And rightfully so, since the kind of energy at work has an impact on whether or not things get done. In this political season there has been the presumption that high energy is good and low energy is bad. This presumption naively concludes that it is the quantity of the energy that matters, while bypassing the quality of the energy fueling the prospective leader’s efforts.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, more energy is not good if it is of poor quality. Things may get done but at what hidden or not-so-hidden cost? The right energy is a mixture of balanced power, flexibility, and vulnerability in one’s human energy—our ego energy. Our leaders must be comfortable with power, but not so consumed by it that they want to control everyone and everything. Our leaders must be flexible enough to learn new things from others applicable to the present circumstances and not chained to the past to the degree they are enslaved by it. Our leaders must be vulnerable enough to recognize their imperfections so they can be guided by their strengths and weaknesses in their efforts to work with others and set forth policy.

It is from this energy that our country can move forward in a progressively diverse and complex world. The right energy can be found in a person of any gender, race, culture, religious, or political affiliation. We just have to look for it within the patterns of thoughts, words, and deeds within our prospective leaders. It cannot be found in simply hearing what we want to hear or seeing what we want to see, that makes us feel good or serves to release our anger and frustration.

Finding the right person with the right energy includes being the right energy within ourselves. Failing to be the right energy, places us at risk of doing the unthinkable—electing a dictator, someone with the wrong energy. You may think this is ridiculous in a country such as America built upon freedom. However, consider the following excerpt from our book The Two Voices Within, particularly the words of Ego being spoken within someone living the role of Dictator.

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

The Dictator: The Dictator believes that he has the right to control how others must think, feel, and behave. He knows himself as greater than others by virtue of his intellect, talent, or money. He has a sense of superiority that entitles him to exert unquestioned influence on others. He becomes extremely angered by those who may question him or who are seen as seeking to reduce his power. This often leads him to strive to remove this challenge with responses that are often abusive. He is often blind to this abuse due to the power that consumes him.

Ego’s Voice: I am the source of your intense need to dominate the people who surround you in your life. You are led to believe that your way is the right way and must prevail; therefore, you have no need to listen to or communicate to others. That would only involve getting poor ideas and choices, which would weaken you. You do not need to feel compassion for the mistakes or weaknesses of others. Their pain is the cost for failing to do things the way you know they should be done. Your compassion takes the form of leading them to a better understanding of how to do things. Domination is your oxygen, the means to your safety and survival and you must have it.
You must get people to do things and think the way you do by any means possible. These people can be your children, partner, friends, employees, or acquaintances. The means by which you persuade them can include intimidation, coercion, manipulation, exploitation, or abuse. You must think of them as being weaker and incapable of leading themselves. They must be led, and you must do the leading. Your greater abilities were meant to do this leading. Anyone else’s leadership or guidance must be challenged or defeated. If you or others followed them, it would represent weakness and a threat to your survival.

You are entitled to feel angry when others fail or refuse to do your will. You are also entitled to use this anger as a force to alter their will, when and where necessary. The consequences they receive are the price they must pay for violating your will—a will that knows what is good and right for everyone. You are also entitled to destroy those who would stand in your way. They intend to weaken you and threaten your survival. You must meet their force with overwhelming force to eliminate their threat to you.

People are not entitled to be angry with you and any of their anger toward you is misplaced. They fail to understand that you are only attempting to help them with your knowledge, understanding, and guidance. They should be loving you instead, as what you offer them is intended to help make them stronger rather than remaining in their weakness. You are being generous to them, as you are not only working to ensure your survival, but theirs as well.

Spirit’s Voice: The excessive power within your humanity has greatly distanced you from your Divinity. It is within your power that illusions of separation, inequality, and unworthiness have been fashioned with which to know your neighbor. These illusions have also led you to know yourself as all-powerful and separated from God. The Love, Life, and Energy God Is within all beings is unknown to you. Your Divinity can be known with the awareness that God Is Love and that you have the Gift of God Within your being. 

You do not know the Love that truly exists in your being. It has been replaced by thoughts, words, and deeds filled with anger and hatred that you are using to dominate others. All of these are reflections of the suffering that you do not realize you are living. Each creating greater distance from the Love God Is within your being. You are also visiting this suffering upon others in your efforts to dominate them. This domination is intended to serve your need for power while making your neighbor separated, less equal, and unworthy of you. As your earthly power grows, so does your suffering and the distance from God within you and within your neighbor.

You exist as if you were alone and isolated in your dealings with people. You are also unable to recognize the presence of God within others. This ignorance has made people dangerous and threatening to you, and you feel you must resist this danger and threat with your power and control. You don’t really know other people at all, which is a reflection of your suffering. You cannot truly love them or be loved by them, because you believe this would threaten your survival, another reflection of your suffering.

God’s absence in your awareness has led you to the illusion of being all-powerful, superior to others, and not in need of God in your life. Great human power has led you to have no limits or boundaries in your dealings with people. Everything is at your disposal, you believe—even those thoughts, words, or deeds that are destructive and harmful to others, and ultimately, to yourself. This is a reflection of your suffering. Your inability to know the equality of all human beings, built upon your notion of supremacy, has made you callous and insensitive to them, another reflection of your suffering. Your lack of need for God has blinded you to who you truly are and led you to walk a lonely path filled with anger, hatred, and destruction, all further reflections of your suffering.

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