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Rocky Mountain High

“Rocky Mountain High”—with Accompaniment by God

“Rocky Mountain High”—with Accompaniment by God

I was listening to a CD the other day and heard the song “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver. An incredibly moving and spiritual song capturing the majesty of a particular region of our country and the transformation of a man as he was developing a deeper relationship with himself and life. I replayed the song several times taking in the beautiful mixture of sound, imagery, and thought that John had given to the world in this and all of his music. As I contemplated his contribution and service, I came to hear the song on a much deeper level that moved me to tears.

My initial listening to this work in the 1970’s included the enjoyment of the mixture I referred to earlier. However, it included the understanding that everything about the work was solely from John. He thought the thoughts, composed the words, played the guitar, and sang the words. That he did it all alone, so I thought. But he didn’t. Yes, he did all the things I just mentioned. However, he didn’t do it all alone. The roots serving as the source of the song were not of his making. Those roots were the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, within his being. That he drew upon to create a song that celebrated life lovingly, with honor, and a grasp of its potential for transformation. In the absence of God’s presence there would have been no “Rocky Mountain High”, or “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, or “Poems, Prayers, and Promises”… I think he knew that.

The same goes for us whether our great works involve parenting our children, providing for our family, caring for our neighbor, protecting our environment, serving our animal friends and wildlife, and engaging in our life’s work. Our great works cannot be known without the accompaniment of God. We supply the incredible thoughts, words, and deeds which allow for their making. But, the source of their creation and manifestation is the God within our being. It is the source of our being able to “write and perform” our own version of “Rocky Mountain High” within our life.

Oftentimes, people see this differently and claim their own great works as solely of their own making. This is certainly a reasonable and understandable conclusion if you think you were the only person “in the room” when it was being created and manifested. However, this impression of the absence of any accompaniment by God is often the product of seeing life through the prism of one’s ego energy, particularly if one is experiencing what I refer to in my work as higher ego power energy. A prism often creating distance from human and Divine Truth. A prism often distorting one’s ability to recognize the actual reality that is playing out in their life. A prism that often leads one to insist that one’s great works are solely of their own making. When necessary, it is the removal of this prism with ego medicine that will heal this energy and allow us to be tightly connected to human and Divine Truth, allow us to witness the actual human and Divine Reality playing out within us and before us, and allow us to realize how much we are being accompanied by God in our great works.

In peace and love,

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