Who We Seek to Serve

Who We Seek to Serve

We seek to serve a diverse population of individuals, including laypersons, spiritual seekers and healers. Some common threads running through these groups: the presence of ego energy that needs to be healthier, wrestling with the challenges of the key life areas mentioned on the home page, and a desire for them and others to live a better life. Beyond these commonalities, each is coming at the growth process from a different perspective and set of needs. The following descriptions integrate these commonalities and differences in conjunction with some of the core ideas involving our mission and vision.


We seek to serve those persons who are experiencing various degrees of psychological difficulty and who want a specific way to undertake self-improvement that speaks directly to their lives. There are tens of millions of people suffering from problems of living and various degrees of mental illness. These range from the normative problems that afflict most people—involving work, family, relationship and financial concerns to more pathological disturbances that make life miserable for themselves and often others.

One’s ego and egoic energy are often at the core of that misery and suffering, but for different people in different ways. This requires an approach to ego that is concrete, diverse, comprehensive and directly connected to your life. Our trilogy leaves no one out or left behind. Look closely into the mirrors of the ten key life areas with the knowledge of ego we present, and you will come to know your egoic energy and the ego medicine you will need to take in order to heal it. This healing will also make the Divine energy within your being more available to you.

Spiritual Seekers

We seek to serve those who are actively seeking to cultivate spiritual awareness and heighten spiritual consciousness. For many, this can be a difficult journey, as issues within our humanity often distort, disturb or defeat our efforts to live the best version of ourselves and recognize God. These issues are rooted in an unconscious, imbalanced egoic energy and keep us lost.

Unfortunately, many of the offerings put forth within the Body-Mind-Spirit, Spirituality, Mindfulness and New Age teachings fail to fully recognize this aspect of the journey and struggle. Brilliant and powerful messages about spiritual awakening and consciousness are often not enough to deliver many from the issues within their humanity. These messages often only cast ego in a dark, negative light, as an entity to be overcome by spiritual awakening alone.

There is a need for equally brilliant and powerful messages about ego awakening and ego consciousness. A person cannot “leap” from imbalanced egoic unconsciousness into spiritual consciousness. The vision and message contained within our trilogy—Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism and The Two Voices Within—speak to the needs and struggle of those who are seeking to awaken spiritually and remain awake.


We seek to serve mental health professionals and metaphysician practitioners who are intimately involved in working with the ego and egoic energies of the clientele they serve. Each can readily recognize the roles listed within this website and brought to life within the words of Ego and Spirit in The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life. As time has progressed, practitioners from each of these areas have come to better know how “the other half lives.”

Mental health professionals have come to know the importance of spiritual wellness in a person’s progress and adjustment. Metaphysical healers have come to recognize the significant obstacle that ego can represent in their efforts to help people awaken spiritually and remain awake. To the credit of Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, they have brought ego into the discussion of spiritual awakening; however, there is a need for an even greater refinement of our understanding of ego and egoic energy—a refinement reflected within the pages of this website, each of our books and our workshop. This refinement can be used to complement your knowledge and skills within your healing efforts. It can provide you with an incisive awareness of the human and Divine energies at work within the people you serve.

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