The Path of Consciousness

The Path of Consciousness

Traditional approaches to deepening spiritual consciousness often stress a negative view of the ego and suggest that if you can just eliminate ego from your life, you will be able to transcend into a state of greater awareness and spiritual consciousness. Our professional and personal experiences have shown us that this isn’t able to occur for the majority of people and isn’t necessary. You can’t leap from ego unconsciousness into spiritual consciousness.

Instead, you need an approach embodied in the ego and spirit message that respects both your humanity (ego) and Divinity, and doesn’t polarize ego and spirituality but works to unify them. It is within this awareness that we have identified a refined understanding to the shifting of human and spiritual consciousness, reflected in the following steps along the consciousness path, which indicates what occurs as you heal your ego energy.

Ego Unconsciousness

At this place along the path you have no awareness of ego and your ego energy. This energy is most likely to be imbalanced in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability, leading you to a lesser version of yourself, consumed with daily survival and often leading to unrecognized suffering. You are also most likely to be spiritually unconscious, leaving you unable to fully recognize Divine Truth, the Four Great Gifts you have been given, and the Divinity within your humanity.

Ego Consciousness

At this place along the path you are beginning to awaken to what ego is and recognize your ego energy. You begin to hear the voices of Ego and Spirit as you look closely into the ten key life areas mirroring your life. The transformation of your ego energy into balance can begin where needed as you awaken egoically and spiritually while speaking with your own voice, as informed by the voices of Ego and Spirit as well as the ego medicine you have been using to heal yourself.


At this place along the path you are fully awakened, egoically and spiritually. Your healthy, balanced ego energy has allowed the full merging of your humanity and Divinity. Your ego is your friend assisting you when truly needed in your earthly life. You live the awareness that God Is—Love, Life, Energy, and You, you fully appreciate the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within and you have become You. You have begun to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and are beginning to hear the One Voice of the universe.

Spiritual Consciousness

At this place along the path you are transcending into higher levels of spiritual consciousness and deeply into the Kingdom of Heaven. Ego no longer exists, as its purpose of ensuring your survival no longer exists. The One Voice is heard loudly and clearly within your connection to all that was, is, and will be. It is the Voice of God.

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