The Big Lesson

The Big Lesson

It has been said that life is a huge classroom that provides countless opportunities for us to learn and grow. Often, life teaches us particular lessons that we have failed to learn. All of the people, places, events and experiences that we encounter are our teachers, and each offers myriad opportunities to learn about the power, flexibility and vulnerability issues of our ego energy. They occur to change us in the ways we need to learn and grow. Looking outward at life is meant to help us look inward to find ourselves and God. This is the big lesson.

Even so, we often look but don’t see, hear but don’t listen, touch but don’t feel, and think but don’t know. Frequently, we miss opportunities to learn and grow when we get caught up in the “little picture” that our unconscious, imbalanced ego is showing us. When we lock into the little picture, we miss the big lesson. When we get fixated on what is going on “out there”, we can’t see the “big picture” of what’s going on “in here.”

If life is a classroom, we are the subjects and the students. We are to seek the big picture that life is serving to reveal. Life is the little picture that egoic issues of power, flexibility, or vulnerability are revealing themselves within. These lessons are intended to take us beyond the little picture into the big picture through understanding God and ourselves.

You may be asking, “Aren’t we here to make the world a better place?” We are, but that begins by making all of us better people, by becoming fully connected with ourselves and God. When you know who You are, what God Is, and the Great Gifts you have been given, then you are ready to change the world for the better. Then you are ready to be Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses, Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Jesus.

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