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The 3 Components of Our Ego Energy

The 3 Components of Our Ego Energy

Our ego energy has a tremendous and consistent impact upon our daily lives. Whether we are involved with people at work or play, dealing with loved ones, working to achieve, coping with stress or trying to experience happiness, ego is putting its stamp on how well this is occurring. Unfortunately, the ego and our ego energy remains a hidden entity despite its constant presence in our lives. The ego does not seek to hide from us because it lacks an intellect, the capacity for intentionality and a conscious awareness of what it is. It remains hidden due to a lack of understanding of it and significant underestimation on our part of its actual impact upon our lives.

One of the most important insights to obtain, in order to shine greater light on ego and our ego energy involves the diversity of this energy. We often think about ego as only having a “power” component. This is true. Ego plays a significant role in how much control or influence we need to exert in what is taking place in our life, including the situations mentioned earlier. However, ego also involves flexibility and vulnerability, which are components of our ego energy. Ego flexibility impacts the flexibility of our mind and how well we are able to seek out truth and be connected to reality rather than being locked into faulty beliefs, values, attitudes and prejudices which diminish the quality of our lives. When ego flexibility is unhealthy and too low or too high, it can weaken our willingness and ability to seek truth and be connected to reality. Ego vulnerability impacts how well we can work with and accept our human weaknesses and imperfection as we manage the challenges of our daily life. When ego vulnerability is too low or too high we have difficulty recognizing, accepting and working with our limitations serving to diminish the quality of our lives and often the people who surround us.

It is the combination of our power, flexibility, and vulnerability that defines one’s unique ego energy and what we are bringing into important daily life experiences. When our ego components are healthy and in balance in their amount of power, flexibility, and vulnerability we are able to become the best version of ourselves and experience the best of what life has to offer in our daily lives. There is also a bonus because healthy ego energy helps to open wide the doors to our spirituality and the recognition of our Divinity. We can experience the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, within ourselves and others. Also, the Great Gifts of our life, our ability to create the life in which we are living, our eternal life, and God’s presence within ourselves can be fully recognized and appreciated. Ego related issues involving lower or higher power, flexibility, or vulnerability no longer keep us living in the “little picture” of life and ourselves.

For those of us who may need to adjust the “volume” on their power, flexibility, or vulnerability there are tools available on our website for undertaking ego therapy while using ego medicine and focused ego meditations that can target the specific ego components you believe you need to work on. Shop page here.

In peace and love,
Nick and Linda

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