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God—The Love Guiding Us To Be Truly Loving

God—The Love Guiding Us To Be Truly Loving

God—The Love Guiding Us To Be Truly Loving

The greatest of human experiences are those times when we are being truly loving. Times when we are manifesting a connective, unconditional, unburdened, and unlimited love with whatever we are doing and whoever we are doing it with or for. A loving embrace of life happening when we are caring for our children and loved ones, tending a garden, writing inspiring music or stories, teaching skills that lead to a better life for others, putting ourselves in harm’s way to protect others, and a million other ways we can be truly loving. The reservoir of Love serving as the source of this loving comes from within, but it is not of our making, as much as we may want to think or believe that. It is the Love—God Is, which we can choose to manifest in any way possible as it has no boundaries that can be placed upon it. It is the foundation for what become the loving thoughts, words, feelings, and actions we use to express this Love.

This Love is connective because there can be no walls or barriers that stand in the way of its connection to ourselves or others. But, we can create walls made from ego illusions such as separation, unworthiness, and inequality that make it appear as though this Love is absent or beyond our reach. This Love is unconditional as there are no reasons for which it can be offered to some and not others. Differences of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, income level, intellectual capability, emotional stability, physical ability, and species have no place in this Love. This Love is unburdened as there is no challenge it cannot meet in order that this Love can be offered to or received by those in its need. This Love is unlimited and inexhaustible as it has no end and in its giving more is created to be given.

Some may disagree with the notion that we are not the source of our loving thoughts, words, and deeds. It is certainly an understandable belief that we ourselves created the manifestations of love and must be considered the source of them, rather than God. Unfortunately, this understanding becomes a misunderstanding when we believe that we can stand alone or apart from God. It also misses the intense intimacy we share with God and how much our life is being impacted by the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, whether we know it or not. Every breath we take, image we see, song that fills our heart, taste we enjoy, and so on is the culmination of the Love—God Is, built upon the wisdom of the ages. God has made all of this possible including our capacity to be truly loving—we are not its source. The really good news is that this Love is available to everyone and at all times with which to fashion a greater life than what we have known. We can only become distant from it when our ego energy is creating distance from it.

When we default into believing we are the source of our loving rather than God we have opened the door to many distortions in how we know and show our love as well as our ability to accept it from others. Our loving thoughts, words, and deeds become fashioned through the prism of our ego energy. Our ego power, flexibility, and vulnerability when imbalanced can promote distortions of love that distance us from being the Love—God Is and can be quite twisted. We can think it is Ok to love some and not others. We can think we only have so much love to give. We can think we don’t deserve to be loved. We can think we must earn love. We can think others must earn our love. We can think that showing love is weakness. We can think that needing love is weakness. The Love—God Is, would not have us thinking any of this!

Our recognition that God is the source of our being truly loving not only has profound implications for ourselves but also for how we see our neighbors. We can see not only the humanity of their loving thoughts, words, and deeds—but also the Divinity. We can hear the voice of God speaking to us through them telling us about the Oneness and Unity we share with them. We can put aside the distraction of any human differences to see more deeply who they are and who we are. It is within this awareness that we can combine our human resources to address any of the challenges we face individually and collectively, when being truly loving. The Love—God Is, within our being will defeat any fear or weakness within ourselves or others as their source is only within our humanity. They cannot withstand the connective, unconditional, unburdened, and unlimited love we can meet them with when we are being truly loving of ourselves and others while being the Love—God Is.

In peace and love,
Nick and Linda

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