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10 Ego Insights to Promote Our Human and Spiritual Wellness

10 Ego Insights to Promote Our Human and Spiritual Wellness

10 Ego Insights to Promote Our Human and Spiritual Wellness

If you’ve had a psychology class or read a book that touched on ego in likelihood you got a very limited, very superficial, and very incomplete description that weakens your ability to understand the extremely important influence that ego is having on your life, humanly and spiritually. By the way that’s not the fault of those courses or teachers because they were only intended to give us a basic understanding of ego, not everything. Unfortunately, if we get the impression that we pretty much know everything there is to know about ego, we are actually missing a great deal about it and what it’s doing to our life. So, knowing something about ego is as good as knowing nothing about ego, because what we know can be misleading. It can lead us to minimize the effect ego is having on our life, and cause us to miss the destructive impact that ego can be having on it. Weakening our ability to understand ourselves, each other, and God. Even though we are normal, intelligent, and spiritual beings, our ego energy can be leading us towards a lesser version of ourselves and a lesser version of life. Consequently the more we know about ego and our ego energy, the more we can remove ourselves from the ignorance and darkness that empowers ego and upon which it thrives, to the truth and light upon which we can thrive.

  1. Everyone has an Ego.

There are over 7 billion people on the planet and every one of us has an ego. Just as we all have a face, a brain, and a heart, we also have an ego. We often don’t realize this due to our ignorance of what it truly is.

  1. Ego is an Energy.

Ego is an energy and its main purpose is to protect us, keep us safe, and promote our survival—our daily and human survival. It is serving as the roots for how we will try to survive in this life, and hopefully serve us in living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Unfortunately, this effort to survive can happen in some very different and often stupid ways for different people. This requires having a deep and diverse understanding of ego and the energy that it is. Failing to do this will keep us as ignorant of it now, as we were 3,000 years ago and will be 3,000 years into the future. This will prevent any real transformation of personal and collective human and spiritual consciousness on our planet.

  1. Ego Energy is Diverse and comprised of Power, Flexibility, and Vulnerability.

Power involves the degree to which we are willing to exert influence in our life. Flexibility involves the degree we are willing to seek the truth we do not know and discard the false truths we do know. Vulnerability involves our ability to accept and work with our weaknesses and an imperfect world. Each of these components are brought to bear as we meet the challenges of life including relationships, achieving our potential and knowing our life’s purpose, change, adversity, stress, conflict, and living genuine happiness.

  1. Ego Energy can become unhealthy and imbalanced by life circumstances—not by you, ego, or God.

The experience of living too much or too little ego power, flexibility, and vulnerability are brought about by what life has brought to our door in the form of harmful, destructive, or dysfunctional people we have encountered, traumatic events, impoverished environmental circumstances, or inherited/acquired illnesses, diseases, or disorders which have brought our daily survival into question.

  1. Ego Energy is the main source of the stupidity happening in our life—not our intellect, not mental illness, and not an absence of spirituality.

We have enough intellectual ability to think intelligently and adaptively about the challenges taking place in our life when unhealthy ego energy isn’t getting in the way. The overwhelming majority of us are not being afflicted by the type of mental illness that would compromise our ability to think rationally, intelligently, and adaptively in response to what is taking place in our life. It is not due to an absence of spirituality because the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, is always within us, though unhealthy ego energy can cause us to gain some distance from it. When we attribute any of the stupidity happening in our life or those of others, to intellectual limitations, mental illness, or the absence of spirituality, we are getting caught up in misleading explanations and missing the boat. Shooting groups of people becomes a moment of empowerment for those feeling disempowered or an opportunity to express frustration in a world that is not complying with the shooter’s version of truth.

  1. Ego Energy shapes what can become our “abnormal-normal”, which is the distorted ways of looking at ourselves, our life, our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviors.

Ego energy is like a prism or filter through which we are looking at things and the nature of the power, flexibility, and vulnerability making up the prism defines it and the distortions we can get in how we see ourselves, our life, our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviors, which reflect ego stupidity. It is abnormal, because what we are thinking, feeling, or doing is unhealthy, even though others can often see it. It is normal, because it becomes so typical of what we think, feel, or do that we often make it out to be normal. By the way taking a pill will not alter or remove the prism—you do!

  1. Ego Energy thrives on consistency, familiarity, predictability, and the known, which keeps us stuck in it even when we are realizing the things we are thinking, feeling, or doing are wrong.

So we can be stuck in unhealthy ego energy which entraps us in spending our life surviving rather than living. Particularly, if we don’t know what to do about it. Or, we can be experiencing healthy ego energy (which also likes consistency, familiarity…) which allows us to spend much of our life living and not just surviving. 

  1. Ego Energy can impact our spiritual wellness—weakening our ability to be the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is.

We are always spiritual because we could not exist in the absence of God’s presence in our being. But, we can gain distance from our spirituality and not be spiritually well due to unhealthy ego energy, particularly when we embrace ego illusions of separation, inequality, and unworthiness. Unhealthy ego energy weakens our ability to be the unconditional, connective, unburdened, and unlimited love that God Is. It weakens our ability to recognize and honor the presence of God in all life forms, be they human, animal, plant, insect, etc. It weakens our ability to undergo the natural healing and transformation that we were designed to experience when being the Energy—God Is. It also weakens our ability to embrace the Divine Gifts we have been given of our life, our ability to create the life in which we are living, our eternal life, and God’s presence within us, every step of our life. Unhealthy, imbalanced ego energy gets in the way of all of that and undermines our spiritual wellness. 

  1. Ego Energy is mainly healed by You—not Ego, not God, and not Life.

Ego can’t do it, because it doesn’t have an awareness of what it is and what it’s doing to your life, as it doesn’t have an intellect or a capacity for intentionality. God does not work to directly intervene in fixing our ego energy even though we can make efforts to draw upon our spiritual resources to manifest more of the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, including the use of prayer, meditation, and service to others. Life can bring a powerful transformational event or person into our lives that can shift our ego energy in a positive direction. But, generally they have to be pretty powerful and you have to wait for them to come if they ever do. For example, a near death experience causing someone to gain greater perspective and altering or removing the prism I was talking about earlier. You are the one who can heal your ego energy where needed with the information I can share with you in my programs and books. Because, you are the only one living you! 

  1. Ego Energy can be healed by you with the use of Ego Medicine

This involves guidance from us that is contained in each of our books towards knowing: 1) What ego is and what it isn’t, 2) Tuning into your ego energy, and 3) Replacing ego rooted non-reality based thoughts with those which are reality based.

In peace and love,
Nick and Linda

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Truth—So Near Yet So Far Away

Truth—So Near Yet So Far Away

There is nothing more important to our wellness and survival than truth—human and Divine. Despite its role in helping us to be grounded in reality and all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that come with being connected to it, most of us live at some distance from it. A distance that often is reflected in difficult relationships with people and particularly loved ones, inability to achieve and know our life’s purpose, difficulty growing our mind with truth, and inability to experience genuine happiness, to name but a few of the important life areas impacted by truth and its absence. We often settle for less rather than more out of ourselves and life. Our distance from truth often prevents us from fully realizing the Divine Gifts we have all received. The Gifts of our life, creating our life, eternal life, and God within us.

Often, it is much easier to gravitate to faulty beliefs, values, and prejudices masquerading for truth. Sort of like taking a short-cut in living our lives that doesn’t really exist. Sometimes out of ignorance because we don’t know where to look or find it. Sometimes out of comfort so we don’t have to deal with the near term pain it can bring which can ultimately bring forth joy and happiness as we meet the truth we needed to know. Sometimes out of convenience which allows us to live in the illusion of happiness and a better life built upon lies and untruths we tell ourselves and others. This isn’t pleasant, but the truth seldom is until it has become part of us that we are connected to. So near yet so far away until we have chosen to awaken to it—within us.

Some of the best examples of those living at a distance from human and Divine Truth are: dictators, narcissists, victims, martyrs, racists, authoritarians, sexists, ethno-centrists, religious extremists, political extremists, sadists, bullies, perfectionists, sociopaths, hedonists, and cultists. There are plenty more but we think you get the idea. Lots of ego rooted issues going on in which inequality, separation, and unworthiness form the foundation of the truth they know or want to know. We may not be one of them, but we live with many of them, and they do have a destructive impact upon our lives, as well as their own, and will continue to do so unless they and we build a stronger bridge to truth. The truth that lies within and which we can only access for ourselves.

We are intelligent, spiritual beings capable of becoming better human beings! The elusiveness of truth has nothing to do with an absence of intelligence or the absence of the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, within our being. It has everything to do with our ego energy and how it works, despite our intellect, our Divinity, and our desire to seek truth, to block us from looking inward. So close that we can even “touch it” by thinking it, but cannot be it. It is when the “volume” on the power, flexibility, or vulnerability of our ego energy is getting higher or lower that we gain distance from truth, reality, and ourselves. It is when our ego energy is imbalanced that ego illusions lead us to find truth in inequality rather than equality between ourselves and other forms of life, particularly fellow humans. It is when our ego energy is imbalanced that ego illusions lead us to find separation and difference rather than connection and commonality with the people we encounter or those from other places. It is when our ego energy is imbalanced that ego illusions lead us to find unworthiness within ourselves or others rather than worthiness which is our birthright as each of us is a child of God. Too much or too little ego power, flexibility, and vulnerability will get us to any of those distant places from truth—human and Divine.

The task of finding and being connected to our truth is often easier said than done. Which is why many look to others to find it for them or are pacified by faulty beliefs, values, attitudes, and prejudices being passed off as truth. Unless, we have a “map” to better understand ego, our own ego energy, and how to heal it from within, we will remain at a distance from truth—human and Divine. The bridge to our truth is not built upon ego-related ideas alone. They are only a launching point and guide for where we must look to find the truth from within. It is these ideas that we must connect to our experiences involving key life areas such as relationships, self-acceptance, achievement, happiness, and others, that only we can fully know. To gain a semblance of the volume existent in our ego power, flexibility, and vulnerability, if we want to see it. To see more of the change we must undertake from within to get to our truth, if we want to know it. To narrow the distance between truth and ourselves, if we want to live it. The more we see of ourselves, the narrower the distance between ourselves and truth—human and Divine.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, when we are able to shine light upon ourselves where there has been darkness, we can see the lies we have been telling to ourselves and others, often unrecognized, but nonetheless impactful upon our distance from truth. Light and truth are intimately linked and once they are revealed there can be no distance between ourselves and our truth—human and Divine.

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