Finding Love

Finding love

Finding Love:

Everyone wants to have love in their life, and many people tend to think of love as coming from someone else or someplace else to fulfill them. However, we have all heard that the greatest love of all is the love for self. Even though this may be true, many have a hard time getting to this place of self love.

There may be many factors here that prevent us from truly coming to know the love we hold within our own hearts. It may be that we are still carrying faulty thoughts or beliefs about ourselves, which may have been established in our childhood through learning feelings of unworthiness or not being enough. If we are still living through these ideas about who we believe we are, we may be missing out on knowing our Spirit that lives within us. As humans we tend to live through our egoic energy unconsciously, which means we are unaware of how we are working through our egoic energy. If we continue to live through the egoic energy unconsciously, this will tend to keep faulty thoughts alive within us, until we can awaken to what is going on. It is up to us to awaken to what we are holding on to so we can assist the egoic energy within us to learn how to honor all that we are and move beyond any illusions we hold within. The more we can bring the ego into a place of balance within us the more easily we will begin to hear the voice of our Spirit talking to us through our heart center. Our Spirit will be telling us that we are worthy and deserving of this love from within and without. The ideas we may be carrying are illusions of what we once believed to be true, and we can now release this energy and step into the truth that allows our heart to open to the love we are. The Love God Is.

We can give ourselves permission to appreciate all that we have experienced in our past, good or bad, and come to see how it has brought us to this place we are right now. A place in time that allows us to create a sacred space within our own heart to honor all that we are, just as we are. Here we will find true, unconditional love.



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