What is Ego Medicine and Why do we need it?

What is ego medicine and why do we need it?

What is Ego Medicine and Why do we need it?:

Within our books, Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole SelfEgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self, and The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit for a Better Life and You we mention a new concept connected to self-help we refer to as ego medicine. Due to linkage to the ‘cognitive therapy’ approach to treatment originating in the work of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck it would be easy to conclude that ego medicine is simply a different label for essentially the same approach. However, this is not the case as ego medicine goes deeper to uncover the ego energy a person is living and the reality based thinking connected to that energy they must use to transform their energy where needed. The traditional cognitive approach does neither of these and often only leads to intellectual but not experiential insight and change. According to Ego, Spirit & You you must go deeper, to the core of your human beingness which is your specific egoic energy.

So what is ego medicine? There are two foundational contributors: 1) A progressively developing awareness of your ego energy as you are living it and 2) Use of reality-based thinking which is developed and used in response to an awareness of this energy. The awareness of one’s ego energy develops from an understanding of the components of this energy involving power, flexibility, and vulnerability which is thoroughly described in each of our books. These components are reflected by our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and physiology within key life areas such as close relationships, achievement, conflict, and so on which we and our ego energy are called upon to manage, for better or worse. When it is worse, we get progressively entangled in non-reality based thinking fueled by the destructive nature of our ego energy. This diversity is reflected in the ‘Roles People Live’ page within our website and in TheTwo Voices Within where we bring forth the words of Ego that lead one toward particular non-reality based thoughts as well as dysfunctional feelings and behavior.

So why do we need to take it? A huge part of healing and healthiness involves becoming intimately connected to human truth and Divine Truth. We are designed by the wisdom of the ages to heal and be healthy when we aren’t getting in our way. From the perspective of  Ego, Spirit & You you need to be connected to human truth and Divine Truth to experience all of the healing and health available to you. A weakened human truth diluted by egoically induced non-reality based thinking will distance you from fully knowing the Love, Life, and Energy God Is and You are. Ego medicine works to connect you to your human truth and allows for the doors to Divine Truth to fully open.

Ego Medicine anyone?



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