How Old are You Really?

How old are you really?

How Old are You Really?:

This appears to be a rather simple and unimportant question to ponder. The kind of question that belongs on the bottom of one’s “to do” list, never to be gotten to in favor of more immediate concerns. However, the implications to one’s answer are rather large. The difference between seeing part of the picture of your life or all of it. A difference in which you are mostly seeing the human side of you and your life while ignoring, minimizing, over-looking the spiritual side, keeping you firmly in the “little picture” of what you and life have to offer.

We often think of our age and life as directly connected to our birthday. A day when the human clock starts to tick and we begin to count the days, weeks, and years that comprise this life and for some, our only life. This can be helpful as a reference point within the human realm pertaining to normative development (for whatever that means) within the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of our human experience. Unfortunately, health, aging, and mortality can become aspects of life with which we can be consumed when imbalanced ego energy is at work doing its “job” to ensure our daily and mortal survival by leading us towards the thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and physiology we use unknowingly to accomplish this task. An ego which does not know anything about “before birth” or “after death” or anything about “God” and the Divine energy woven into our being. Hence, its intense efforts to enhance our human life which often brings suffering sooner or later. Suffering which can be subtle as Buddha referred to it, which you may not immediately recognize and which ego cannot recognize owing to the absence of intellect and intention within this energy. Suffering often reflected within the mismanagement of our health, aging, and mortality leading to a lower quality of life and a lesser version of you.

You will need to “teach” ego that there is more to you and life, if you so choose. But what would you teach it? First and foremost, you would need to teach ego that you are the product of a three million year design. You have the wisdom of the ages built into your being. A design and wisdom standing upon the foundation that God Is – Love, Life, Energy, and You, which has been there every step of the way, leading to your current existence and future ones. A foundation upon which we can recognize and manifest the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within, today and everyday no matter how old we are. Each addressing any unnecessary concerns and suffering connected to health, aging, or mortality rooted in our ego energy. It is the design in which we can fully embrace our health, aging, and mortality and our current human age, rather than looking for answers (often egoically induced) in the wrong people, places, or methods. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You 60 is not the new 40, or 50 the new 30. 60 is 60, 50 is 50 and so on. Each age we are is wonderful when we embrace our design and the wisdom of the ages which is available to us. Would you like an example of this design at work? Consider meditation. It’s free, can involve as little as 5 minutes a day, does not require any particular time, place, or other person to do, and it works. A peaceful stillness in which the wisdom of the ages allows us to engage in self-healing.

Again, how old are you really?



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